Here Comes Santa Wood Serving Board Bundle

Here Comes Santa Wood Serving Board Bundle


Nora Fleming one platter for every occasion. 

This gorgeous maple board with integrated ceramic disk holds your favorite breads, cheeses, desserts plus your fave mini.  

This board is made in Vermont, USA and its 18" by 7".

This Burlap Bundle includes wood board, Spread THAT knife, and three Christmas themed minis .  

The amazing part about giving this gift is how easy it is for you to gift your special person all year.  We have over 70 minis.  Now lets curate your very own mini of the month club Burlap Bundle.

1.  Tell us a bit about the recipient and if its you, cheers to you we are excited to learn about you.

2.  We will send you a mini that fits on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

3.  This unique bundle is $144 plus shipping.  

* We have many more serving pieces too.

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