Butt Rubbin is Legal


Insulated Food Gloves are an essential tool for any cook.  They allow you to handle heat up to 550 degrees.  Truly love mine.   The Man Claws are the perfect tool for shredding protein, staking protein to carve or mixing everything from salads to marinades.  The stainless steel FireWire skewers are packaged in a set of two, hold a ton of product and are long enough that the ends fall off the grill so they don't get too hot. The Grill  Mesh Matt is ideal for fish, chicken, shish kebabs, veggies and more. I love mine as it goes in the oven, microwave, grill, smoker then to the dishwasher. Food slides right off.  

Burlap Bundle includes Insulated Food Gloves, Man Claws, Fire Wire, and Grill Mesh Matt.


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