Plate it up BBQ and Bourbon

Plate it up BBQ and Bourbon


Kentucky BBQ sauce at its finest.  This trio gives every palette a pleasing note.  The Classic is smooth with a hint of smoke flavor, the Gold Reserve is singing with garlic and chipotle, while the Barrel Select is known for the perfect finishing sauce.  The bottles are handsomely designed making this one of our most popular Burlap Bundles.  

Burlap Bundle includes Bourbon Q Classic, Barrel Select and Gold Reserve Kentucky BBQ Sauces plus the Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook. 

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Once thought to be only the tipple of southern gentlemen and the companion of confederate roughnecks, bourbon has gained a steady resurgence in popularity over the years with an ever-expanding and diverse audience. A beverage distilled almost exclusively in Kentucky, bourbon has attained prominence and appreciation for its complexity, history, and tradition. In The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook, Albert Schmid provides readers with the best recipes using the famous spirit of the Bluegrass. From classic Kentucky cocktails such as the Mint Julep, to bourbon inspired desserts, such as Bourbon-Pecan Crème Brulée with Chocolate Sauce, and more savory fare, such as Steaks with Bourbon Ginger Sauce, this book supplies recipes for every course. Schmid uses the four distinct seasons of the Bluegrass State to guide the reader through this rich collection of bourbon dishes and color photographs. In many ways a lesson on the flavor profiles that pair with and improve the flavor of bourbon, this book can be used by the home cook and the professional chef alike for inspiration to create new dishes. Much more than just a cookbook, The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook recounts bourbon lore, food traditions, and Kentucky history, giving the reader a full appreciation of America's native spirit.